Silicon and Bascom are excited to announce that we have partnered with a new coding and dictation company effective April 8, 2013

With these attachments, you will be able to review the iPhone app/dictation instructions and the website instructions. Or you can go directly to the MedTek website at and enter the client ID (different for Silicon and Bascom), your login name and password to navigate on your own. You will only be able to view your own dictation.

Feel free to contact: MedTek Customer service at (877) 562-9300 and ask for
Le Ann or Nancy Or Cathy Cardoza (650) 302-6744.

Download these helpful materials

mDictate Instructions
Physician website instructions with edit Esign
Physician website instructions-Esign

The importance of using an in-network surgery center

Silicon Valley Surgery Center and Bascom Surgery Center has partnered with all insurance plans to make your visit as cost effective as possible. There have been several news articles about Bay Area surgery centers and their physician investors charging exorbitant fees to insurance plans on an out-of-network basis. Silicon & Bascom are NOT a part of that stratagem.

Recently, three of the country's largest healthcare insurance companies, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare, have each filed lawsuits against Bay Area Surgical Management, LLC, and its six Bay Area surgery centers, seeking restitution, costs and punitive damages totaling approximately a combined $100 million. Click here to read the Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare lawsuits, learn more about current trends in out-of-network surgery centers, and read a recent article from Bloomberg News.

Welcome to Silicon Valley Surgery and Bascom Surgery Centers

Silicon Valley Surgery Center, LP (Silicon) and Bascom Surgery Center (Bascom) provide superior quality, cost-effective and efficient ambulatory surgery services in a warm, caring environment. Your physician is supported by a highly skilled team of registered nurses and health care professionals who are committed to making your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
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Expanded Operations at Silicon Valley Surgery Center, L.P.

Silicon Valley Surgery Center, LP (Silicon) has expanded its operations to 7 operating rooms and 2 treatment rooms with the acquisition of Bascom Surgery Center (Bascom).  The Bascom location will retain the "Bascom" business name to avoid confusion for our patients in the local community. Silicon and Bascom are affiliated with E3 Healthcare Management LLC.


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